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Frejus59 is the result of careful investigation of two years for the purpose of systematic research information to understand how the combination of situations and events predictable or unpredictable led inevitably to disaster.

The research covered the period 1946 - early 1960. From a careful historical reconstruction, the investigation led to the identification of significant events that marked the genesis of the dam project, the completion of the work, its destruction and its early impact on the local population.

All aspects of the tragic event have been studied with great care: in-depth technical research in collaboration with the authorities and the more specialized historical and sociological research with the participation of many witnesses.

Information sources are numerous and high quality:
- Witnesses and actors who have never publicly expressed believing in the quality of our work
- Veterans, public works professionals, directly involved in the construction of the A8 motorway at the foot of the dam (some were there a few hours before the disaster) holders of new information and an exceptional historic interest,
- Academics, researchers and historians of the administrative organization of France of the 50s, public works and Marshall Plan.